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Nicky Mih is a woman who makes things happen. Originally from England, she decided when she was 13 to emigrate to Australia. She's lived and worked in England, Greece, Cambodia and Australia. With a degree in psychology, a post-grad in education and a diploma in coaching, Nicky has taught children across England and Australia, coached principals and surgeons and was a presenter of a weekly radio show.

“When I learned that a long human life is only about 650,000 hours, I decided I wanted to use each of those hours well.”

As the founder and Managing Director of the child protection organisation Free To Shine, Nicky has led a team of professionals, including social workers, psychologists and education officers, to secure the safety of girls across rural Cambodia. Nicky and her team have worked with police, community leaders and schools to prevent girls being trafficked into the commercial sex industry and help them achieve their rights to access education, safe drinking water, enough food and adequate shelter.

Leading a child protection organisation has taught Nicky Mih lessons in ethical and effective leadership, while the girls and their families have taught Nicky perspective, strength, community and even joy.

In her talks, Nicky shares these lessons, each of which can be applied by leaders and their teams in their corporate work, as well as in their lives outside the office. Nicky has a lasting impact on the way people choose to live, work and do business as a result of what they have learned. 

Speaking Topics

Now using her skills to help leaders in business achieve standards of excellence, Nicky is an engaging speaker who blends a selection of fascinating stories to illustrate the lessons learned, challenging you to push your boundaries and step up even more. Whether you hear about the time she was perched over a lake with pimps and sex workers, or the time she fired her entire staff, or the accident where her tuk-tuk came off the road, or the time they found a bomb outside their office, you’ll be engaged, if not utterly mesmerised, throughout. 

Presentations are typically adapted to integrate specific business objectives and conference themes to help reinforce a message and drive specific impact and outcomes.

1. The Tenacity To Do What It Takes

Discover how you can 'borrow' strength

Hear stories of true courage and strength and discover whether or not you have the tenacity to do what it takes (you do).

Join Nicky as she takes you on a journey that began with a book and a promise, led to her being perched over a lake with pimps and sex workers and resulted in her changing her name and walking over hot coals. Nicky takes you behind-the-scenes to explore the questions you really need to ask, the people you really need to look to and the tools you and Odd Job Eddie already have to get the job done.

A particularly moving talk, this is perfect for inspiring leaders to draw on strength. It’s also great for those about to begin a new project or needing to dig deep.



2.  The Bigger the Problem, the Bigger the Gift

Turning adversity into advantage

Hear stories of succeeding in the face of adversity and discover how to make the best decisions in difficult times.

It doesn’t matter how hard you work or what you have built, there are still a multitude of ways that people can screw things up. After 8 years of running an international anti-trafficking organisation in Cambodia, Nicky has stories many wouldn’t believe—from finding an unexploded bomb at the office to replacing an entire team to protect her vision.

A fascinating and humbling talk, this is perfect for leaders facing adversity, and those who want to be prepared for when they do. It’s also great for teams who encounter challenges in their work.



3. Do What Matters, But Do It Properly

Using integrity to guide choices and decisions

Hear stories of thinking differently and discover how what you do, and what you don’t do, has consequences.

Nicky will urge you to focus on what you can do, rather than being held back by what you can’t do, but she’ll also challenge you to do all of what you can, not a bit of what you can. Whether she shares stories of the dad who planted dozens of trees, or the mum who gets up at 3am to make noodles or the 11 year old who reads to her cows, Nicky will highlight how attitude affects results.

An impactful talk, this keynote is relevant to any business or person committed to best practice, high standards and excellence.


Speaking Packages

Keynote Presentations $1895*
Half Day Workshops $2495*
*Excludes one night’s accommodation and travel expenses for interstate or overseas.
Nicky can include copies of her book DO WHAT MATTERS at wholesale rates as part of a package for your organisation.

What Others Say:

“Everyone who commented on the B1G1x (and there were lots) said that Nicky was their favourite speaker. Now that’s amazing when you consider the line-up.”
— Paul Dunn, Chairman - B1G1: Business for Good and 4-times TEDx presenter
“Nicky is without doubt one of the most inspiring people I have ever met. When I first heard her speak at a conference in Bali I was moved to tears. And when I heard her at a conference in London, as well as being moved to tears a second time, I also learned an enormous amount about leadership, business and life. She is an amazingly humble yet powerful speaker, with an incredible story to tell. And she really does change lives, on and off stage. So I can’t recommend her highly enough.”
— Steve Pipe, Founder – AVN the accountants and Accountants Changing the World
“Nicky’s presentation was quite something; educational, emotional and massively thought provoking. When reflecting on her journey with Free To Shine and the key lessons she had learned along the way, Nicky shared an insight which I’ve thought about every day since: ‘Look at what you can do, not what you can’t do’. I loved this. These words were a perfect reminder of something hugely important. …It really is amazing what can be achieved when you look at what you can do, not what you can’t do.”
— Jack Blenkinsopp, Partnerships Manager - B1G1
“Of all the presentations, I would have to say that Nicky Mih’s was the most moving and thought-provoking.”
— Conrad Russell, Russells Associates Ltd
“Our experience with Nicky Mih has been nothing short of inspirational. Nicky has presented at many large events leaving barely a dry eye in the house. Nicky is a truly amazing human being, who runs the operation in complete integrity. What an incredible example Nicky sets to all around her.”
— Mark Darwin, Freedom Summits
“Every time I’ve seen Nicky speak she’s captivated her entire audience from her opening line throughout her entire presentation, her ability to connect with the audience on an emotional level is incredibly natural. Nicky has insights that must be shared and must be heard. I highly recommend her as a speaker.”
— Shane Lukas, national and international best selling author, Managing Director of AVN-Inspiring Accountants.

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